Tulli Engenharia

Concise and modular aesthetics

Tulli is an engineering and interior design company focused on high-end housing projects. For the visual identity, it was sought to create a firm, minimalist and concise aesthetics that would reflect the way the company manages and executes its projects, from planning to execution and final delivery.

The logo has precise geometric modularity, capable of being unfolded and adapted retaining recognizability. Its shapes also enable the creation of patterns, ensuring that the visual identity does not get monotonous.

2.jpg 2-crop-v2.jpg Envelope-small.jpg Pasta.jpg Massimo---Apresentação-Id.-Visual-Tulli-17-04-1924small.jpg Massimo - Apresentação Id. Visual Tulli 17-04-1926.jpg Poster 02c.jpgPoster-03.jpgSite-iPad.jpg